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Customer Service


Customer Service

Nifty Punch is popular for its special service to bulk trader or high volume members. A number of high profile well known persons are working however service is designed for all kinds of traders and investors of Indian stock markets.

We at Nifty Punch are committed to maintaining the highest level of customer service. Hence we have tried to provide you with all the information you may want to seek regarding procedures such as Investing in secondary markets, Trade management, Live Trading as well as investor’s education.


Messenger service (24x7 Live)

If you are working via online terminals, messenger is just the perfect for real time message delivery. messenger is most popular for its instant messaging updates during markets.


SMS service (24x7 Live)

Having several high speed servers for delivering SMS. The SMS to reach you in absolute 3/4 seconds. If you are working in offline mode, the SMS is best option, a huge number of members work in offline trading from there office or business place.


Call In Service (24x7 Live)

Every account includes a Relationship Manager. Get a real time phone call to get the message. Also you may stay Live! On phone during the trading time for placing the order or booking the profits.


Email Service (24x7 Live)

If you were busy in the morning session, you won’t miss any call. Calls are delivered in Email also.





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